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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

ANTB20 Globalization, Politics, and Culture Lecture 9 Global Migration and Kinship March 11, 2013 Introduction - In class, we are going to continue to speak bout kinship in regards to migration. Kinship is seemed to be central of the work of anthropologists. th th 19 and 20 Century - Progressive developmental paradigm-how over time, the studies of cultural or societies as they evolve over time - Migrational or diffusionary paradigm-the study of cultural and societies and they diffuse over space and time. Diffusion is the idea that a culture can spread maintaining or retaining cultural properties and adapting to a new environment. - We have come to stop looking at society and seeing us in the past. For example by studying the kinship of a particular African tribe or society, we can understand how these people have family and we (Euro-American or the West) have nation. - The west is the point of the modern and by looking at the past, we can look at cultures that haven’t evolved, this viewpoint we have moved past from! - Geneticists, natural scientists, are still trying to prove that one can trace one’s identity to a particular place in the world or movement of people in the world. - The human genome diversity project is to create a data base of human genetic variation to develop a master map of the human race. The idea of genealogy was used by certain people of class and status to claim power and prestige. He grounded genealogy in nature. Genealogical framework became a tool for ethnographic research and a tool for anthropology. Genealogical Model - Evolved from blood to thoughts of people kinship due to land, soil, and ground. Kinship and Descent - Kinship is the recognition of genealogical relations as the basis for the regulation of social relations – is always necessarily ‘bilateral’ - In contrast, descent is the entrance of an individual into a social group as the child… - A patrilineal society where the father’s name is passed on to the child is an example of descent, being unilateral. David Schneider - One comes to understand a kinship through the fact that biologically two people come together have sex and reproduce and by marriage and law they are family unit and you create a family relationship a form a kinship. - The only thing that is natural is the sex, what is cultural is how we think about what happens after that. - For him kinship is a cultural construction of the sexual act that brings forth a child. - For him biology or nature has grounding in the social cultural ideas in the west. - Some anthropologists have tried to use the word ‘relatedness’ cultures of relatedness to describe locl practice and statements of how people are related. - He is saying nature can no longer be taken for granted. Cultures of Relatedness - Kinship is a fluid identity. - There is not one definition of kinship. - The genealogical model is not the only way in thinking of how people become kin. - The idea of motherhood doesn’t mean you have to be a woman that had children to be classified as a mother. The category of motherhood and carrying can be shared and carried by others in the group or family. Increased Movement - Without sexual reproduction one can have children and a family, it was assumed that the basis of a family was the conjugal couple - man and woman - have sex - have a child. - One of the ways people thought of kinship was the movement of people across space and diffusion of culture across space. Many women are migrating for jobs overseas. Appadurai and ethnoscapes - Where you come from, passport, your gender, yo
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