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Girish Daswani

ANTB20 Globalization, Politics, & Culture Lecture 10 Cultural Tourism March 18 , 2013 Introduction - The highest export of the Philippines is service workers, the migration of nannies and house help not only in the west but in other parts of the world. The money that comes in generates enough income to balance the economy in now that the politics of nationalization is based around our people being good workers. There is a status attached to migratory movement. Kinship practices are broken from their family ties but remade at the place of work. - Geometrical way of looking at kinship is the family tree, ability to trace our roots back to our ancestors. This genealogy is how people look at kinship. But you can also think of kinship through ideas of relatedness. One can have a father and mother that one is biologically related to as well as step father or mother or siblings that one shares relatedness with but are not blood-related. - Migrant nannies are cutting off ties to parents, husbands, and kids to take care of people are disconnected to them. But over time, how do these nannies create kin-like networks from non-kin. How are nannies emotionally connecting to these people and their children that they become a part of the family? They can be punished, fired, or told off that they are not family - there is a line between family and non-family but they do become like family. - There is an economy that emerges and can be used for profit, can draw upon desire to come home and make it into a cultural market where you have reaffirmation of a certain idea of culture and sharedness. You thought of yourself as disconnected and having no kin, you are seeking a
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