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Lecture 5


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Girish Daswani

AutoorientalismSex and Gender Sex is biological gender is socially constructedGender traits and attributes become naturalized in ways that associate what is culture gender with nature sex Effects Infanticide job disparities subject to beauty fatness Sex and sexuality can also be seen as socially constructed and performativeWomen become natural subjects for sexual exploitation gendered stereotypes and labour discipline due to certain essential qualities they share within a global division of labour India dowry men chase after women Ohter Egs beer commercials and the way women are represented in themTo be a woman is to be submissive caring nurturing honest docile Men controlling powerful ideaAchieving natural beauty Dove evolution of beauty and Dove girl selfesteem video Dove growing up video Way to perform heteronormative masculinityfemininity Homosexual relationships are nonheteronormativeFemale professors dress up so that they can be taken more seriouslyFoucaults idea of disciplinary power is important creates docile bodiesDisciplined by institutions like schools churchesPicture of Rosie the riveter Work in the warVideos Rosie the riveter troubl
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