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Girish Daswani

Cultural Citizenship and the Body Politic – Lecture 6 (Monday Feb 11th)  Another variable in globalization, and understands the other global  Another variable = gender and labor  This weeks variable = race  Ant has 2 main fields/familys 1. Social ant (British way of social structure) 2. Cultural ant (American – diff set of questions, still how do we make sense of the other, but more interested with culture in response to scientific racism at play) -now we talk about social cultural ant.  Do certain races have specific features Ex. Tamil south Indian race, fit into certain physical attributes  Whether you are welcome in ones country/house, depends on race/culture/gender -they come together simultaneously Race exists b/c it influences on how you are treated – allocations of resources etc -no such thing as a PURE race, not biological rather a social construct --do upon others what you would to yourself categories placed upon you change when you cross borders Ex. Prof, in Singapore was indian, in Guyana was white, in London was Asian -race is real. MIA- Born Free Ask yourself what the discourse of race and the image of redheads have to do with each other? -everyone in the bus was male, and had red hair -left for target practice *Irish and English *reference to MIA past, sri Lankan tamil, how the past was something like that  People have power deem certain groups as better qualified etc  Structural violence: institutions you live in create barriers for you Aime Cesaire  Black French man of African decent, philosopher  Founder of black movement, getting voiced to colonialism that had affected African colonies  Metaphor: Hitler is not dead – idea of Hitler, what he represented, is not dead, still alive in all these things in the world -he created to prosecute a group of people – violence that comes with these racial types still exits, whether it’s about the blacks, jews etc  There are limits to every hospital action and tolerance, we have to tolerate each other b/c we are all diff, we need to live peacefully together When, and how, do you come to recognize yourself as belonging to a Race/race?  When do we come to acknowledge what race we are  “I only am aware of race, when someone asks me”  when we decide to recognize ourselves as separate from a group Race as ideology  ideology does not reflect the real world but represents the “imaginary relationship of individuals” to the real world -the imaginary relationship to the real world -we are always in this ideology b/c of the reliance on lang -lang creates these barriers -we can’ tlive outside lang, b/c how to do we communicate? – need it to say who is diff/similar to each other  constituting concrete individuals as subjects -we create ourselves, have diff hobbies, likes/dislikes, all these diff individual traits -but in our head we walk around saying I’m this person, I like eating this, -we are constituted as subjects—there is a way of describing you creating subjects: interpellation  through the words that are used, they are turned into subjects  ppl respond to ideologies and recognize they are lang -don’t actually think about it and say it’s us. Being hailed  by responding they recognize they are a certain subject.
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