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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

Cultural Tourism – Lec 10 – March 18 , 2013  These women leave behind women and children to work for a family somewhere else in a more developed country  Migration attractive because there is more money in this new place  Not just economic attraction, but once person is motived by money, the nation and other values come into play  Documentary- Filipino migrant workers are described as heros of the nations- b/c they are bringing in a lot of foreign income (their highest export)  Money that comes in generates enough income in GDP to balance the income, the politics of nationalism is based on our people being good people (Christian/well paid)  This certain migrant workers are preferred over certain migrants  How kinship networks are fractured at home, but remade in places they go -three models of kinship 1. gift and alliance 2. Genealogical styles of kinship (family tree) – trace routes back to ancestors to particular adam and eve, allows us to claim an identity 3. Idea of relatedness – creating relatedness based on other things - I’ve fed you from young age, I have become like your mother, not really related but are. - I have cared for you. And loved you -different model. They aren’t unrelated – but co-existing – one can have a father and mother that is biologically linked – but can have adoptive family members --cultures of relatedness – describes it like a fishing net – person in village and cast net over whole village, b/c he knows a lot of people –ex. I know that child, because I knew his mothers mother etc.—he dies and is buried in plot of patriarchal kin – no longer casting his net wide, and buried by certain side of family --even friendship – linked to culture of relatedness  Children of rich are always taken care by someone else  Point: how do these nannies create kinlike network from non kin -labor migration – globalization assists this migration -how are they emotionally connecting to these people? -paradox – they are not – they can be punished, fired , told off that they are not family, even though they feel like it still a line btw family and non-family -reason why they are so distraught -lost of family, needs to be replenished by new family  This week: cultural tourism: focus on routes of tourism- takes them back to home land -take to a place they’ve never lived/raised in but one that they belong b/c of a dispora, their heritage etc -there is an economy that emerges from this. – can be used for profit – desire to come home and make it into a cultural market where you have a reaffirmation of a certain type of culture /sharedness -once you thought of as being unrelated, no kin, unrouted, you are seeking a genealogical model to place yourself -want to know where I come from and who I am, and these people who don’t speak my lang, are my family, and I’m going to figure out who they are and reattach to my cultural routes -packaging  Communitas: from latin word – rights of passage -means community, culture is sense of making a community/group Culture isn’t something an anthropologist uses as people come together, but also used for someone creating something new Culture as a concept  Franz Boas argue that culture not biology makes us -argued against ONLY bio making use who we are, rather culture plays a role too -exist external to us, b/c we can learn about a culture -can rediscover it -can create a new culture (bc have no one to associate with) --exists external to us  Since then the culture concept in antho has been the subject of numerous debates -cultural relativism – was a part of a longer argument “ we can’t say that some groups are superior to other groups because they are each their own” -people have has debate on how far they should take the argument -gertz – anti- relativism :not everything is relativism, I do what I want you do what you want as long as you don’t come and complicate my life problem is power, against anti-anti-relativist, b/c to not have the idea at all is problematic  the idea of culture in ant has helped challenge the essentializing ideas of race and tradition found within a developmental model of evolution -developmental model has been discard -idea of culture is useful, but is also a burden -category of culture is encapsulating -it was useful with having a debate with the science institute, -culture has taken over race; certain races are superior, claim certain cultures are superior (not talking about biology)  it has also come to carry the burden of becoming a category that encapsulates the other in essentializing ways  culture is a complicated term that we don’t have to agree on culture  both about intuitive practice (of our everyday lives habitus: backgorunded knowledge that frames the way we behave – not aware of it, just socially reproduce it) as well as what ppl consciously say about themselves -the unconscious, and the conscious (may culture made me this way)  while culture is commonly used to speak about shared practices and ways of life specific to a grp of ppl it is also used by ppl to make claims on a past -yes there is part of culture about practice and tacit knowledge that make it a certain person (Muslim, Asian etc culture that co-exist). However when we make a claim to the past, it can’t be that complicated (I am Asian, forget that my family was born in Africa, Australia etc.) – get something with that claim, ex passport to Asia -can think of culture in diff ways (practice, rituals, beliefs, traditions, stereotypes, gender roles, values, food, recognition, home, identity, connection to past, routes, family) claims on culture  it is precisely b/c of its lack of precision that culture becomes a much used and thought about concept -can make claims in diff ways, that you can do something with it beyond the individual  not o
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