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Caroline Barakat

Nivash Ketheesparan1Course code ANTB20H3Student number 998309263Does the selfidentity of a person or collective group that follow a certain culture create changes significantly from the affect of the economy The definition of globalization in this context is to study the lives of people in bringing their own norms and cultural practices outside of their homeland and what hardships and sacrifices they overcame in their new homelands and how this affects the economy between both of these countries The creation of diaspora and the use of displacement cause people to create a selfidentity to blend into the social standards of their new homes to feel a sense of security In addition Call centers in India are known to respect and look up to the Western culture because of how influential it has become on them It was their way of rationalizing that the Western society can provide them with success and having a wealthier status to the poor and middle class Indians This relates to how Western economy and neoliberalism comes into play In Obeids explanation of how economy affects selfidentity he explains that the political views of certain countries that create diaspora Focusing back to selfidentity Ong signifies a point of being made and selfmade for our identity is informed by and within the constraints given by the various institutions that mold us as a cultural citizenshipIn this paragraph I will be extending the implications of claims about scales for the creation of social and economic inequality amongst Indians With the rapid growth of technology it provides a boost in the economy by providing jobs to people on a global aspect In the readings by Laura Bear she explains that not only do North American companies create jobs for Indians they also create Indians to be influenced by their
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