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The politics of livelihoodEssayBollywood How these movies are turning American slumdog millionaire stood a lot of contraversary How are they depicting us the Indians At the same time one can say the director was very good at representing the people and their politics of poverty but perhaps theres a question of who they would hire Or certain representations that you feel are orientalistic in ways or other forms of discrimination or they dont do thatMediascapes Ethniscapes Ideas of orientalism and questions of power Power relationships between the who made the movie and where the movie was made You should have a critical saying it could be a positive spin or a negative spin However take a stance dont just describe the movieThe Dominican RepublicWhat we see about the Dominican republic we see its not to far from Santo Domingo One is the Bokachita and secondly a town that was providing and supplying sugar These two sites for him were interesting and important because global tourism is very important to globalizationWhat do these pictures promise the beach The surfaceEscape Relaxation Domination Paradise Peace of mind QuietStress free Peace of mindHowever behind the surfaceWhat do these same pictures hideManufactured performative culture Corporate domination Environmental impact Hides social inequalities Hides poverty Local people being dependant on tourism AmericanizedEuropeanizedWhat is behind the surfaceWhats behind the surface of tourism Stephen Gregory in the devil behind the mirror Its like the devil behind the mirror behind the surface of what you see is a hidden reality which speaks about struggle poverty social economic inequality domination etcAn artificial representation of paradise Certain kinds of people are the ones who are serving you certain racial types serve you other kind of people are coming in to clean your rooms and other people are doing the performances that are
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