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Lecture 9


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

ANTB20Lecture 9 Global MigrationIncreased movementtied with globalizationin the past researchers have tended to take territorial units for granted in their studiesie assuming that societies take on a territorial form o more interested in people arrivingone flowmethodological nationalismlens through which researchers studying migrants based on the nationality and took for granted that people belong to a nationarrived from and to a nation state o However people can simultaneously belong to more than one nation o VS assimilationglobalization borderless world or deterritorialization implies a major reorientation of approach o according to appadurai ethnoscapeo and reterritorializationnot just bound by a territorynation state but through migration they are reassuming their new lives to the new stateAppadurai the imagination as social practiceethnoscapepush and poor factorie Filipinos migrating to Canada to become a nurseReterritorializationattempt to fix and stabilize a place a country or a region is itself a product of global migrationalso includes the idea or imagination of you could leave for a better life and you potentially leaving againMigrants continue to imagine links to specific places and territories in their travelsPeople organize experiences and create meaning in different ways recreating ideas of home and away local and globalContinuumwhere you come from and where you are going to o Economic transactionsremittances social and relation involved in one moving to another country political cultural connection emotionally tied communication etcTransnational capital flowsoverseas remittances contribute to a substantial portion of many developing countries GDP helping start new business feed and educate families and build new homesmany first world economies depend on cheap labor from less developed countries in sustaining their own wealth and first world statusTransnationalismtrans movement elsewherecross a borderleaving behind1
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