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Lecture 6

Week 6 Ong article notes

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Girish Daswani

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Week 6 Ong Culutural Citizenship as subject making: immigrants negotiate racial and cultural boundaries in the United States 737-This paper views cultural citizenship as a process of self-making and being-made in relation to nation-states and transnational processes. Whereas some scholars claim that racism has been replaced by cultural fundamentalism in defining who belongs or does not belong in Western democracies, this essay argues that hierarchical schemes of racial and cultural difference intersect in a complex, contingent way to locate minorities of color from different class backgrounds Citizenship as subjectification - Taking an ethnographic approach, I consider citizenship a cultural process of subjectification, in the Foucaldian sense of self-making and being-made by power relations that produce consent through schemes of surveillance, discipline, control, and administration 738- In contrast, I use cultural citizenship to refer to the cultural practices and beliefs produced out of negotiating the often ambivalent and contested relations with the state and its hegemonic forms that establish the criteria of belonging within a national population and territory - Cultural citizenship is a dual process of self-making and being-made within webs of power linked to the nationstate and civil society. - Becoming a citizen depends on how one is constituted as a subject who exercises or submits to power relations; one must develop what Foucault (cited by Rabinow 1984:49) calls the modern attitude, an attitude of self-making in shifting fields of power that include the nation-state and the wider world. Race, Class, Economic Liberalism 739- neoliberalism is an expression of the biopolitics of the American state as well as setting the normative standards of good citizenship in practice Increasingly, citizenship is defined as the civic duty of individuals to reduce their burden on society and build up their own human capital-to be entrepreneurs of themselves (Gordon 1gg1:43-45). Attaining success through self-reliant struggle, while not inherently limited to any cultural group, is a process of self-development that in Western democracies becomes inseparable from the process of whitening. The Negro as a contrast conception or counter-race is a legacy of white-black relations under slavery and Emancipation that naturalizes the social order (Copeland 1939: I 79
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