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Lecture 5

Week 5 Green article notes

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Girish Daswani

Week 5 Notes on Mayan Youth and Rural Industrialization in Guatemala Linda Green - She explores configurations of production, power and culture through an explication of the experiences o some Mayan youths as they are increasingly drawn into circuits of the world economy as wage workers in rural maquilas - the now infamous export apparel assembly factories - These factories, employing thousands of workers rely mostly on young Mayan women for their labour force 102 Impoverished Maas who make up the majority of Guatemalas population feel most intensely the impact of drastic reductions in social service expenditures and the lifting of price controls on basic foods, also experience increasing unemployment and scant opportunities in low-paid jobs - Martina 15 year old began working in a maquila factory came home from work one day and said the tamale looks like vomit, didnt want to eat her moms tamale and wanted to know why she couldnt make hot dogs at home the dad beat her - New economic and socio-political dislocations in this case factory labour by Mayan daughters re work in complex ways notions of gender, power, labour, modernity and culturefamily for Mayan adolescents 103 - Many of these young Mayan women and men are caught between 2 worlds - One a cultural worked only partially intact, wholly diminished with scant resources for creating a future - The other modern and globalized from which they are simultaneously excluded, exploited and seduced Theoretical Concerns - Even when women are employed outside the home, their gains have been varied but limited in terms of economic, political or gendered power at the workplace and within the family structure - Studies by mainstream economists argue that women are the winners in globalization, conflating an increase in womens waged employment with their liberation - Poverty, not liberation is what has obliged many women to seek employment outside the household
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