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Lecture 3: Disjuncture and the Politics of Livelihood (21st January)

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Girish Daswani

Disjuncture and the Politics of Livelihood Dominant discourse on globalization as a good thing Affects normal people whereby they dont actually experience the goodness of globalization o The rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer. Not necessarily about class, the poor being exploited and such. o Deeper understanding on thing such as gender and race, how differences between people are created and lived through globalization. Informal economy (working def.) o under the table (in absence of jobs) o not monitored by state o not included in the GDP o black market o Access to visacitizenship? o Labor that exist outside the formal wage labor relations, that exist outside state regulations. Almost illegal because they do not take part in the wage labor market governed by the state. o Examples Sex trade (in many cases, it is part of the informal economy) Illegal substances being traded andor sold. Street vendors? Hair salons, shoe shiners, etc. o Both economic and social. One should not look at Informal economy separately but it is part of the same whole along with the formal economy. Informal economy increased in parts of the developing world.
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