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Lecture 4: Nationalism as a template for Globalization (28th January)

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Girish Daswani

Nationalism as a Template for Globalization 419s scammers in Nigeria Globalization Dissolving barriers like time and distance (time-space compression) Make political border increasingly irrelevant (borderless world) Hybridization of cultures and mixing Intensification of connections between different parts of the world and our increasing consciousness of this development. Nation states are looked at less important as before. People are moving, transfer of capital, etc. Some have argued that with the advent of globalization, state boundaries are becoming less important; facilitating the flows of people, ideas and capital while also making these boundaries porous and insignificant. We need to revisit this assumption through looking at the difference between the nation-state and the nation as imagined community Nation-State A political entity whose existence is based around a defined territory, within which the institutions of the state have power to implement policies through legislation. Under international law, these boundaries are constructed as fixed, and states have the right to protect and police their borders, controlling mobility of people, capital and resources across them. historical came together in a specific moment in time due to the specific changes in terms of economics and politics. Brought different people together. Nationalism Glo
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