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Lecture 6

Lecture 6: The Global Factory (11th February)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

The Global Factory Sex vs Gender Biological vs cultural and social underpinning What it means to be a manwoman is different in one culture compared to another Household as a site of politics, of gender upbringing, of powerful ideological discourses. o The world we live in is mostly based on patriarchy. o Ex: companies consist mainly of men. They may have their own gender bias? Who gets the promotion? Who is employable? Who isnt? o This leads to women being, in a sense, forced to be in certain domains. Gender stereotypes? o Ex: Women as caregivers, they belong in the household. o Ex: Women belonging in the private sphere. o Ex: Women as irrational, as docile, thinking with their hearts. Dominican Republic Concrete ideas and practices social distinctions and hierarchies are interpreted and eroticized. Idea of gender as being constructed over time, it becomes naturalized eroticized o You expect or assume that women are such and such. o Ex: black male as being over-sexualized. Different ranks of sex workers (outsiders, locals) Globalization promotes human rights, gender rights through social movementsgender movements. Unfortunately, women are still subject to inequalities. Free trade zonesSAPS idea of privatization o Export-oriented manufacturing industries.
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