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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Girish Daswani

LECTURE 7 February 28, 2011 Sub. Professor MacDonald Using culture as the basis to form a new identity Skardu: city in Pakistan where people wanted to reshape cultural identity Culture has to be produced to be dynamic, and if culture is produced it needs producers (individuals actively engaged in acts of productions for very specific reasons) Pakistan has gone through 4 major shifts of the ideology of culture; learning new ways of understanding the world around them, new modes of communication Function of the failure of one group of people to convert social ties into durable associations and the success of another group of actors in establishing durable associations through which their impact on cultural identity is stronger What is the TRANS in Transnational: its about transcending ideologies of the nation-state (ie. Religion, environment [environment being a global thing, and new practices of government tries to manage what we conduct as global challenges])
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