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Girish Daswani

March 28 2012 Lecture 11 Values which can be incommensurable cannot be measured on the same basisWhen people break the law its either yes or noDo you pay the price for something or notyes or noEitheror questions are important because they inform you about what you should do or what you should not doBothandyou can break the law but youre also a good personPrice of chaos is measurableWhat is legal and what is illegal is a concernWhat is the value of the transaction in economic terms Economics and LegalityFor Karl marx labour is not to be measured quantively as pure time spentin work economic valueAdam SmithInstead labour is to be discerned in the quality of the act with respect to ethical value rather than economic valueEconomic value intrinsically negotiable about market price measurableRange of commodities that can be purchased have expanded sex votes parenthood genetic informationNeed another understanding of values by which to understand how people make judgements about different commitments and longterm expectations of being good and achieving happinessWhat are their expectations of being a good person or achieving happiness EitherorThe concept of legality also assumes that there is a discernible line between the legal and illegal between acceptable and illicit legal developmentSuch rational assumes that the world acts according to these categories and divisionsAct as final sources of authority and exercise a social regulative functionethical value are subject to change and transformationThe state mind deem someone criminalYou as a person or group of people might disagree with that Bothand
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