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Lecture 6

antb20 week 6 and 7 articles

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

Bear call centres First of all this is a rapidly growing sector ITenabled call centers and other back office operations as a whole currently employ 70000 people with a projected 50 million jobs to idevelop by 2009 Even more significantly this expansion is extending access to professional employment connected to global flows beyond the upper middle classes It offers to lower middle class graduates from secondtier provincial universities a passport to what is perceived as a prestigious global careerThe job demands that they invert their lives by working night shifts They must also transform themselves into Americans by acquiring new names new accents and new demeanors so that they can build a natural rapport with their international customers This means that they do not just work according to the fluctuations of a global economy but that they have to reorient their selves and daily routines towards countries thousands of miles awayThese employess are also given police protection for late night shiftsSo in short because of the reach of this industry beyond the upper middle classes its expansion the personal transformation it demands and its exemption from labor laws it provides an important window onto the paradoxes of the new experiences of personal liberty and nationalism that liberalization Call centre work techniques training and atmosphereproduce a particular model of the relationships between globalization national characteristics and productive citizens This model is that of globalization as a neutralization and then Americanization of Indian qualitiesThe material culture of call servers creates a po
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