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Lecture 5


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

ANTB20 Lecture 5 Notes on Mayan Youth and Rural Industrialization in Guatemala (Linda Green) Paper is about: - Configurations of production, power and culture through an explication of the experiences of some Mayan Youths as they are increasingly drawn into circuits of the world economy as wage workers in rural maquilas (export apparael assembly factories) - international division of labor in the last quarter of 20 century - Zona libre (free-trade zone) o (Maquila factories) Have factories that are employing thousands of workers, rely mostly on young Mayan women for their labor force - Impoverished Mayas make up the majority of Guatemala’s population feel most intensely the impact of drastic reductions in social service expenditures and the lifting price controls on basic foods & increasing unemployment and scant work opportunities in low-paid jobs How have economic changes and the dual legacies of political repression and racism affected not only the meanings Mayan adolescents attach to their social world but their sense of being able to have an impact on the world in which they live? - maquila factories in rural Guatemala may operate as new sites of exploitation o by reinforcing and intensifying existing inequalities and intergenerational tensions, and manufacturing powerlessness among rural Mayan adolescents o while simultaneously seducing them with modernity’s desires - new economic and sociopolitical dislocations (i.e. case factory labor by Mayan daughters) re-work in complex ways notions of gender, power, labor, modernity and culture/family for Mayan adolescents o caught between two worlds  cultural – only partially intact, wholly diminished with scant resoruces for creating a future  modern & globalized – simultaneously excluded, exploited and seduced Theoretical Concerns - increasing of women’s employment outside the domestic unit in many parts
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