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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Girish Daswani

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Lecture 9 Monday, March 07, 2011 1:18 PM Global Capitalism Global Capitalism N N Capitalism has taken on new forms since the 1970s. N %K030Z507L4Z0OL;0L3K,8-003O,-0OO0,8!489-47L89L31472,9L43,O,3309Z47N047,8L847J,3L]0.,5L9,OL82 N These models have led to important debates about the new experiences of space, time and identity emergent from these technological and social changes. N Post- Fordism: information and network are more important than fixed form of capital in one place Internet allows transfer of capital overseas allows movement of capital from easy to easy N N Network Society N Manuel Castells (1996) argues that the main mode of social organization in politics, the economy and civil society is shifting from the relatively stable hierarchy to a more fluid network form. N These networks are interpersonal, transnational and transitory. N We live in a world where info is more important than capital N Nation- state assumes less importance in these new models of label organization. The nation- state is bypassed. The vertical relations that defined nation- states (top- down) are not as powerful. New forms of business, consumption and entrepreneurship have emerged. N The spider (most elaborate web) is the most powerful person. Individuals can start their own company because they can start and build their networks. N The network society came about at the same time as globalization. With the deregulation of market economy and new technology, people were not fixed to certain
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