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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Girish Daswani

Week 10 Global Media: Hindi film in Tibetan and Nigerian contexts Guest lecture in culture, politics, globalization Timm Lau - Poor roofing on first generation houses from 1960s - Development going on, 2 and 3 generation houses getting better - Build better housing - Sweater market bought, sent to the places where they are sold and stacked and sold to customers - Tibetan trade is significant in local Indian economy Appadurai: the imingation as social practice - He coined the term social imaginary - Major accomplishment there are anthropological ways to think about modernity, consumption, public culture public culture - Since these have not traditionally been part of anthropological research, anthropologists have for a long time hesitated to develop tools for dealing with them empirically and theoretically - Imagination as a social practice - It is composed of 5 dimensions of global cultural flow; or 5 dimensions of global scap flowing across cultural boundaries: - 1. Ethnoscapes people - 2. Mediascapes - 3. Technoscapes - - 4. Finanscapes currency markets - 5. Ideoscapes ideologies Ethnoscapes according to him are landscapes of persons who constitute the shifting world in which we live tourists, immigrants refugees exiles guest workers and other moving groups and
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