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Girish Daswani

Lecture 6: Cultural Citizenship and the Body Politic (14 February) (1) Gregory, S. 2007. Chapter 5 of The Devil Behind the Mirror Ong, A. 1996. Cultural Citizenship as Subject-Making: Immigrants Negotiate Racial and Cultural Boundaries in the United States. Cultural Anthropology 37 (5): 737 762. This paper views cultural citizenship as a process of self-making and being-made in relation to nation-states and transnational processes. discuss institutional practices whereby nonwhite immigrants in the First World are simultaneously, though unevenly, subjected to two processes of normalization: an ideological whitening or blackening that reflects dominant racial oppositions and an assessment of cultural competence based on imputed human capital and consumer power in the minority subject consider citizenship a cultural process of subject-ification, in the Foucaldian sense of self-making and being-made by power relations that produce consent through schemes of surveillance, discipline, control, and administration cultural citizenship to refer to the cultural practices and beliefs produced out of negotiating the often ambivalent and contested relations with the state and its hegemonic forms that establish the criteria of belonging within a national population and territory. the modern attitude, an attitude of self-making in shifting fields of power that include the nation-state and the wider world. what appear to be attempts to make all immigrants adhere to standardized, color-blind
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