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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

Week 2: ANTB21h3 Tutorial #2 Performativity: words and society and how it forms a society. - Theme: relationship between language, performativity and social action - Different forms of language – action through speaking. This idea of saying is doing. - key ideas from the readings: the main point is that the performativity is that what you say. Performing as a concept is not the same as common usage of performance- not exactly what we’re talking about. How did we think about language before? st - 1 the Chomsky perspective was looked upon.  Main theme: conceptual trajectory of “performativity” 1 she says that the idea emerged from Chomsky when he was looking as 1. competence vs. performance. -Competence: knowledge about what you’re talking about. Unconscious knowledge that speakers have. - ideal - There wouldn’t be any silence or a or um. Which is impossible in reality. Everything will be perfect. - he’s into intentionality – the way you speak with profs or TA’s are different than how you talk to your friends. - Performance – actual, institutional context. Having the language in a context. Putting unconscious knowledge into context.  Critiques: anthropologist are redefining the notion of competence. There are boundaries within language. For some anthropologists performance is more important than competence.  Dell Hymes – competence of use. Its not only the competency but also the ability to use it. People learning new language
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