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Lecture 2

Week 2 Reading Summaries

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Alejandro Paz

ththANTB21 Week 2 Readings Jan1719 Robbins Burling Chapter 1 Smiles Winks and Words MSLThe word language refers to the system of sounds words and sentencesDigital signals o Have sharp boundaries o Are discrete o Can assume no more than a finite number of statesHuman beings communicate with both digital and analog signalsLanguage is digital gesturecalls snorts giggles sighs etc are analog the ups and downs of pitch and emphasis vary continuously so they form analog signalsLanguage allows us with great ease to refer to things and events and to say something about themLanguage is pervasively conventional as well as arbitraryRecursion is one of the most distinctive characteristics of languageLanguage is openThe system of gesturecalls is closed Ferdinand de Saussure Chapter 3 Nature of the Linguistic Sign MSL The bond between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary Peirce on the SignThinking bei
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