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Alejandro Paz

ANTB21Week 3 PerformativityReview from last week language works through signs ie forms that have multiple functions these are two important models of the sign Saussures and Peirces ie accent Peirces triple distinction between icon index and symbol gives us the basis for understanding that most sociocultural meaning is in fact indexical language ideologies beliefs about language are connected to how groups use language These are often inaccurate explanations about indexical meanings A preferentialist language ideology has been the main theory for studying language in the western scholarly traditiondescription of the natural world preexisting and fully constative reality understood to be already existinginfluential in application of principles in the study of language problem the language we describe Chapter 8 readingsmode of thought in describing the natural world primitives VS modernBehind the Referentialist Ideology language is a part of action in producing the world use languageto transfer idea to other people ie football metaphor football metaphorintention or idea that is storedpreexisting in speakers head speaker as a quarterback message in hand like a football problemsdifference of interpretation forms count different translation wrong replyindeterminacy or subtlyunspoken context or meaning Assumptionsspeaker and addressee exist independently of the act of communication speaker in essence puts intentions ideas into a message the she then throws to the addressee they switch roles and play catchno easy correlation between bothnothing about their social identities changes during the interaction ie soprano exampleTony talking to therapist then when Tony was talking to his mother he takes the therapists way of talking and add his own spill of itPerformativity John Austin
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