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University of Toronto Scarborough
Alejandro Paz

ANTB21WEEK 4 RitualthMIDTERMFebruary 16 at 1105am 3 out of 6 identification 20 mins 1 essay question 30 mins thFebruary 14 tutorialreview for midterm thFeb 28 no lecture but there is a tutorial with LauraReviewreferentialist ideology as part of a football metaphor of communication o been critiquedo has major assumption in scholarly study of language performativitynotion that the use of language recreates social relations and worlds the formal study of performativity is Speech Act TheorySpeech Act Theory embedded many assumption about personhood o Linguistic anthropological approaches eg Rosaldos study about Ilongot from the Philippines o Even in English speaking societies Speech Act Theory contained problems eg I insult youthe addressee is not really insulted oMany paradigmatic examples used in Speech Act Theory were taken from highlyritualized contexts Ritual ProblemMagic VS SciencePrimitive VS ModernTambiah from forms and meaning of magical acts o relationship between society and the world and how this relationship shows in language in highly ritualized use of language o language ideology that is bound by cultural tradition and found from primitive people who repeat what is already believed cant refer to cause and effect as how we refer ittrapped by their own belief system o texts as fixed repetitive predictable o language can be excessibley formal obscure opaque o ritual doesnt allow for reflection spontaneity o Major religious problemLutheran critique of the CatholicismYou cant understand the Bible in your own languageYou need someone to interpret this eg priestetc therefore you dont have a personal relationship with GodYou repeat words you dont understand o ritual therefore possible space for establishing power o eg Maurice Block in 1970s o Tambiah PAGE 84withcraft provides a social and cultural method of acting upon the world past and effects resultsa sacrifice laboratory1
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