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Alejandro Paz

ANTB21H3 S Week 5 RELIGION Review of Indexicality1 Referential IndexicalityMeaning or contentReferentialist language ideology primary or sole function of language is somehow to describe the world that preexistsLanguage supplies us with words phrases and sentences that come with forms filled with content to match our ideas or intentionsEg Saussres model of the signform and conceptThis referential content is supposedly what we are talking about ie what we can make most explicitliteral or semantic or propositional meaning In Austin the way constatives have meaning also see Ahearn and Tambiah on location Problemso Not crossculturally valid not valid for western and other parts of the world o Eg Rumsey on Ngarinyin society aboriginal AustralianMuch weaker sense that words can be separated and talked about as having meaning outside contextNotion of quoting a word without using it is much less definedEg babaterm of address when asked what baba isused baba in a sentence not defining it by an informantThe literal meaning of a word is not the first thing that pops in a persons head when asked what the definition of a word is in some cultures o Beyond referential meaningcontenthow you say it has a great deal of meaning o Appropriate use for context REFER TO SLIDE 31 from WEEK 4 PPTBoth formssame referential indexicality but different nonreferential indexicality as it is based on the appropriate use for contextEg emails to professorsis always there ie as you refer to someone as tu or vousintuition ie parentsdont call them by first namemost of social meanings are indexicalmore explicit1
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