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University of Toronto Scarborough
Alejandro Paz

ANTB21 - Week 11: Language and Power Power - Ritual – creating social worlds, authority o E.g. Obama’s inauguration = highly ritualized - race/ethnicity – marked categories of ethnicity o marked (e.g. home language) o and unmarked (e.g. whiteness in Canada) – everyone is supposed to know - “the media” – rule in large scale interactions o central to enabling interaction o imagined community will arise from this - globalization – cultural imperialism o homogenizing the world 2 aspects of power 1. coercion - ability to use open force on other subjects, often resistant, to concede to the desires or intentions of the powerful subjects and organization - e.g. g20 summit in Toronto 2. consent - ability to gain consent of other subjects to act in accordance with the norms amenable to central, powerful subjects and organization - e.g. speeding on a highway – but only to a certain speed because you don’t want to get punished so you monitor yourself = consent. = how does this relate to language: - e.g. residential school and the decision by state of Canada that 1 nation of people should only speak English.  coercion - e.g. French immersion school; writing a paper and using standard English as the norm; using standard English for public activities, employment, etc.  consent Standard (variety of) language - re
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