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Joyce Parga

ANTB22LECTUREReproduction and mating strategiesFEBRUARY 28 2013Reproductionmating successof copulations achieved reproductive successof viable offspring produced Mating success is not necessarily equal to reproductive success could be failure of sperm count female probably mated with previous 79 guys and only one baby so doesnt mean every male had reproductive successsex differencesmales and females have different limiting factors for reproductive successfemales are limited by food availability females wont have trouble finding a mateso the only thing is limit number of baby she will have is her body condition and how many babies she can hold not the same thing for males males will not always find someone to mate with somales are limited by access to fertile females males have higher reproductive rates than females females undergo gestation lactation and infant care females have greater parental care and lots of energy in kidmales often perform little to no infant care males show greater variability in reproductive success than females some males will have many offspring others many have few or none there can be high male reproductive skew reproductive skew how reproductive success is distributed over the group Reproductive senescence means agingmales decreased sperm counts over time ways it showsring tail lemurs decreased performanceshorter period of time for ejaculation sperm quality and velocity decreases exam females eggs age decreased fertility rates all female primates born with all eggs in lifetime overtime the eggs age and increase chance of mutation and fertility rates decrease decreased survival infants born to aged mothers examMenopause permanent cessation of menstrual cyclesmight be adaptive via the grandmother hypothesisGrandmother hypothesis older females may gain greater fitness benefits by helping raise a daughters offspring as opposed to reproducing again themselveshumans show menopause but do nonhums primates
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