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Lecture 10

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ANT B22 2011-03-24 FINAL 29 TH FRIDAY 2-5PM SW 309 MONKEYS SLIDE TODAYS LECTURE SLIDE VERVET MONEYS -female philopatric Mating system polgynandry ( multi malemulti female) SLIDE 2 -dark blue: dominant male -light blue: subordinate male SLIDE 3 -if similar coloured testicles, males are closer in rank (mandujoules) SLIDE 4 If a male falls in rank,s testicles lose dark blue hue and become light blue example of visual communication Example of honest signalling VERVERY MONEYS-EXPERIMENTS EXPLORING COLOUR If 2 unfamiliar males are introduced,e one with the darker testicles will be dominate SLIDE 2 Males with darkened testicles: 1.) Received aggression from dark-testicle males 2.) Received less aggression from pale-testicle males
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