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Lecture 12

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Joyce Parga

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Lecture 11- Professor Lecture- Great Apes: Contd Exam: April 29, 2-5, SW309 Orangutan taxonomy: on island of Borneo- Pongo pygmaeus, on island of Sumatra- Pongo abelii Birute Galdikas- documented: diet, sociality, tool use- orang-utans used leafs as umbrellas, toilet paper, modify sticks to collect insects Galdikas observed physically aggressive male-male competition: may explain why there is sexual dimorphism in the form of larger male body size *Sexual dichromatism- differences in male and female colour* Only females provide infant care Long period of infant dependency- infants weaned by 4 years, may suckle until 7 yrs old Females have long inter-birth intervals- time between children is between 8-9 years Females in constant contact with infants for first 4 months Dr. Galdikas work: she saw infant orang-utans being kept as pets- wanted
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