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Lecture 9

lecture 9 full notes

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Joyce Parga

ANTB22- Lecture 9: Prosimians Lemur characteristics: - males and females tend to have the same body size (sexually monomorphic) - strict seasonal breeding - cathemerality: both diurnal and nocturnal (awake during the day and night) - female dominance: trait only shown by some of the lemur species - targeted aggression: females attack other females, even their close relatives Lemur reproduction: - females can only mate when pregnancy is possible (only mate during ovulation)- total hormonal control of mating (no non-conceptive mating) - reproduction is controlled by photoperiod (number of hours of daylight in a 24 hour period) - in North America, reproduction is 6 months out of phase with the timing of events in Madagascar *female dominance definition: the ability of all adult females to consistently evoke submissive behaviour from all males in dyadic agonistic interactions female dominance depends on the sexual maturity of the female (only adult females can be dominant) Females do not become dominant until after their first breeding season Adult females are dominant to males in all contexts: feeding, resting, mating, etc. Other animals described as female dominant: hyenas- but sons of the alpha female can be dominant over some group females Females show submission to males as they approach estrus (not dominant in all contexts) Not true female dominance as in some lemurs Bonobos- certain females can dominate males in some groups, but not in all groups Sometimes the alpha animal of a bonobo group is female, but not always Not true female dominance as in some lemurs *explain why female dominance is not true in hyenas and bonobos on exam*
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