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Lecture 8

Antb64 Lecture 8

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Jessica Taylor

THANTB63LECTURE 8 NOV72011 thExam is Dec19 24pm in SW 309 This week and next week going to thing about the globalization of foodHow is being distributedThe meaning of food is not locally containedIt can be examined in the perspective of the systemHow one part of the system effects how the other parts workThe analytic perspective of commodity changeConcentrating on working conditions effects on a chainFoodInc negative aspects on food productionGlobal Mass ProductionThere was a bit of can foodWe mostly dont produce our own food we are eatingDidnt grow the potatoes that we grew last nightIn terms of continentSpend time on food cultivation Fewer people can produce few food other people dont have to spend time producing foodThe development of global food chainsGet things like cucumber and fruitsCucumber and picklesGrowing conditionLabour brought in to do the growing workCommodity ChainsThis was part of their worlds systems approach to study capitalismThings about power differentialsEach country progressing along their own pathEverything is connected and hierarchy that each country hasPeople looking at labour and chain commoditiesConsumption sideMoving of the good links together all the peopleDifferent effect for people at diff points of the chainAnthropological viewSocial conditions of labour at diff locations in the chainGlobalized mass production of foodsNext SlideA lot of people involved in making a productMintz SugarBody of work where one of the food chains is influentialIncrease of sugar affect industrializationGreat Britain and expands Textiles and other things
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