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Lecture 11

antb64 lecture 11

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Jessica Taylor

ANTB64 LECTURE 11 thExam Dec19 24pm SW 309 Flynn Street Children and Hunger in Tanzania Poppendieck From Hunger to Inequality Fitchen Hunger Malnutrition and Poverty in the USPoverty leads to unequal access to food Leads to cant pay for food you need Hunger as the main problem divert attention to focus on inequality as the underlining problemStreet ChildrenLynns study of street children in Tanzania urban cityCauses behind childrens chronic hunger is culturalSocial organizingThe access they have to getting various types of foodsPeople have differential opportunities to access foodLynn talks about the different social categoriesDivision between people African Asians and ArabsSelf describeMajority of the street populationMerchant capitalHave more access to networks business ties and kin networkMore access to transport and financial networksHelp access to food when in needPeople who come into city from rural areas support network is not that strongThey are further awayRisk of chronic hungerOnes social relation determines who goes hungryOnes lawful relationshipWhether you can sell your own work for wage labourGroup of people who have very little ownership which would help them with access to foodLargely contemporary phenomena in AfricaDifferent socio economic politics related in the 70s and 80s400 independent boys and girls living on the streets 516 yoHow are street children finding foodMost children did not know their ageSome of them had some contact with relativesSlept on street or sheltered areaNone of them identified themselves as street childrenPeriod in their life that they were mobbing throughThey were more frequently aloneAfraid of police moved around or even put in jailGiving them the proper system of breedingTreating as a person in the societyCouple of reasons why the children ended up on the street
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