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Lecture 4

Week 4 Readings

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Sandra Bamford

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Week 4 AstutiKindreds and Descent Groups New Perspectives from Madagascar IntroductionDadilahy had a vast number of descendants below himChapter reconstructs 3 different perspectives one held by Dadilahys descendants one which Dadilahy enjoyed as an old man and one which is what Dadilahy is left with now that he is dead3 transformative stages in the process of making human relatedness all of them coexisting Vezo of Madagascar among the same people the Kindreds and cognatic descent groupsBilateral KinshipAlthough bilateral relations theoretically extend indefinitely outwards in practice the ties of relationship become gradually but inevitably attenuated since people are unable to follow up the infinite ramifications of their relations as this would involve remembering ever more distant forebearsSo long as someone as old as Dadilahy is alive he will b
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