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Lecture 4

Week 4 Readings

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Sandra Bamford

Week 4Bodenhorn He used to be my relativeExploringthe basis of relatedness among the Inupiat of northern AlaskaAssign relatively little significance to what bodies are and give rather a lot of weight to what they doInupiaq kinship relations are central to social life according to many people they allow you to survive in difficult situations The relations are so potentially transformative that there is virtually no immutable basis for putting forward a claim on kinrelated resourceslabour does for Inupiaq kinship what biology does for many other systemsThe idea of community is celebrated throughout an annual cycle in a series of feasts dances and games its most explicit expression as an entity is seen perhaps in the definition of the whale as a communal resourceInupiaq selves are significantly multipledividual to use Stratherns phrase Relatedness kinship biology and rights locating some cultural categoriesKinship for Inupiat is of profound rather than superficial importancebiological refers to people who are related through birthLangkawi the c
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