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Lecture 4

Week 4 Readings

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Sandra Bamford

Week 4 Carsten The Substance of Kinship and the Heat of the Hearth Feeding Personhood and Relatedness among Malays in Pulau LangkawiArticle describes how for Malays on the island of Langkawi feeding in the sense of receiving as well as giving nourishment is a vital component in the long process of becoming a person and participating fully in social relationsFor Malays kinship itself is a process of becomingThe term relatedness is used to indicate indigenous ways of acting out and conceptualizing relations between people as distinct from notions derived from anthropological theoryWays of living and thinking about relatedness in Langkawi lead me to stress a processual view of personhood and kinshipKinship is not always derived from procreation Houses hearths women and siblingsLeviStrauss housebased communities Houses in Langkawi are strongly associated with womenHouses are also strongly associated with childrenThe modeling of marriage on siblingship means that affinity has a special status as it is always in the
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