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Lecture 6

Week 6 Readings

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Sandra Bamford

Week 6Subject or Object Women and the Circulation of valuables in highlands new guinea Marilyn Strathern Throughout the highlands a sexual division of labour makes women responsible for the daily horticultural tasks men for intermittent ones and for the conduct of public lifeGender everywhere provides a powerful source of symbolism so that constrastcs between what women and men do may stand for constrasts between domestic and political action Two Contrary Cases Clans which for certain purposes define themselves as abody through common patrilineal descent are generally middle order units in a hierarchy of bounded groupsMay acts as units in fighting and in contracting marriagesSometimes members of a clan live together 2 cases the Daulo Region in the Eastern highlands provinceHagen in the western highlands Saxton has described daulo womens reactions to mens deployed of cash in ceremonial exchange and businessThere women have developed their own savings and exchange system called in Pdigin wok meriwomens work 160Small groups drawn from the coresident lineage wives of a village protect their savings from the depredations of their husbands by banking them collectivelyWomen regard themselves as garerening and safeguarding their incomesMen are cast as spendthrifts concerned only with short term consumption Daulo men also respond to womens efforts they respect womens claims to dispose of some of the cash income Development in Hagen appears similarHagen women contribute to mens enterprisesWhat crucially differs here is womens participation in public affairs the amount of control they exercise over wealth and thus also the very relationship between the product of their labour and rights to its disposal 161 Womens claims to property appear as a function of the success to which men appropriate wealth to perpetuate hegemony through agnation
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