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Antc15 Lecture notes part 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

ANTC15 Oct 27 2011Carnal knowledge and Sexual PracticesLast week recapuse of suedoscience to make powerful truth claimsideology masked as sciencescientific racismsommerville argued it tried to explain homosexualityracial sciencesex science shift to ambiguitydeviance and perversion becoming scientific fixationrace gender and seuality are separate categories but made sense of as interrelated today tlk abt how colonial projects relied on makign sense of categoriesStoler articlecarnal knowledge integral to sexPovinelli article is how Aboriginal sovereignty in Australia is depicted Povinelli Sex and SoverigntyTerra Nullius land belonged to nobodylegally it meant that the land was empty over which the British cld therefore establish soverignty ie make a colonythey knew the land wasnt literally unoccupiedp 515 it signified some form of social emptiness existedeven if it wasnt literally empty it was socially emptythe ppl living there werent legally recognizable as ppl ie the kind of socia beings that shld have the same rights as the Britishie it was metaphoricaly emptywhy was it socially empty how did they convince themselvesthere was a lack of agriculturelack of permanent dwellinglack of domesticated animalsany sign of having a proper family ie conjugal relshipsPovinelli shows that in the absence of concrete defn of what it means to be socially empty the writings of colonial memoirs try to speculate why its emptyPovinelli argues that the key point of this emptiness is Sex Acts ie their sex acts and relships w each otherThe Dreaming ref as the time before timeref to as time outside of timeie diff kind of time altogethereternal time parallel timestructuring social lifeDreaming ongoing processdiff time that structures the time we live inthe world that we see is a footprint of what had happened in the dreamtimethe dreaming refers to diff groups of ppl associated w diff ancestrial totems ie kangaroo dreaming all phenomena in the world as we see itour time linear timeColonial Memoirsshes reading colonial memoirs abt early encounters about colonizing australiaand abt contemporary discourses aboutland claims over Australiashe compares two seemingly diff thingsshe finds a commonalityie same logic underneathcomparative focus on the role of the aboriginal traditional man it is like the patriarchal manie the man that controls kinship and associationsaboriginal sex and temperamentin both past and present Aboriginal sex acts have been used by postcolonial and colonial govts to serve their own interestsie understanding Aboriginal sex acts can be put to our knowledge of our own viewsshe shows that in the colonial memoirs the settlers and colonial officers created a narrative for themselves as they went alongAustralia first established as a penal colony prisonersonce prisoners are free they would be given a chance to work in order to earn landOfficers were there too running the jails trying to create towns and citiesissues of classBritish distanced themselves from SpanishSpanish were seen as barbaric they killed everyone instead genocideBritish didnt want to seem barbaric to the Aboriginals etc tooBritish thought they were better and wanted to be seen as wellbehaved with proprietyQn why the focus on sex and sex and temperamenttheir narratives relied heavily on their own understandings of sex and genderthey tended to portray aboriginal men as irrational emotionally unstableetcbc they didnt properly conform to their gender expectationsbc they didnt submit to the male gaze the way the British expectedBritish conclusion theyre not real ppleg British captain etc waving to the aboriginalsthe British head man takes off his clothes showing their men toobut the ab men took a spear and ran after themso the British said the ab men are irrationaland thought the aboriginals impressed w the british white bodyWht abt the aboriginal gaze
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