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Maggie Cummings

Is there a family Collier Rosaldo and Yanagisako Family is viewed as a natural category stemming from our need to relate to our closest kin The Family TF has become an ideal to be achieved rather than a reality We dont pay attention to its cross cultural nation or to the complexity of human interactions as they occurMalinowskis Concept of the FamilyM wrote that Australian aborigines were not sexually promiscuous and distinguished legal marriages from casual unions Thus marriage was indubitably cast as a universal human institution that filled a human need Overview Families exist to nurture the young There were three main features of these marriages First these were bounded units defined by husband and wife This didnt necessarily imply extramarital affairs but it did imply a mother father and child Second there was a shared common space for this family ie a hearth or fireThird there was an emotional investment between generations There is a structural function ring to this and has the same functionalist flaw the function is not dependent on the institution and does not necessarily explain the existence of the structure The existence of a family does not indicate an importance to it for insiders For example being able to name a mother father sister is possible to the Zinacantecos of Mexico but their primary concern is the house they live which varies from 1 to 20 people Also there is no need for families to live together ie gender separation amongst Mundurucu of South America Finally there is no universality to the emotions experienced by family members ie strained relationships between mothers and daughtersLooking backwardFamilies ar
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