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Maggie Cummings

1) Reiteration  Construction of bodies through the regulatory ideal of ‘sex’ is performed through the reiteration of norms. The reiteration of norms refers to the expression of highly regulated practices through which the regulatory ideal of ‘sex’ is enforced and perpetuated. This is confirmed when Butler mentions ‘sex is an ideal construct that is forcibly materialized through time’ (pg.532). This means that ‘sex’ is not a condition that is set in stone from birth, but rather a condition which is constructed via enforced reiteration (or practice) of norms. It is important to understand also that the reiteration/practice of these norms does not always stem from deliberate acts, but also from acts that seem mundane and meaningless. To my understanding, these acts are what constitute gender performativity, which Butler links to the notion of ‘materialization of sex’. Guto’s cross-dressing performance  Guto, being male, startled Lancaster by his play-acting performance as a ’cochon’. This was because Guto stepped beyond the ideal of ‘sex’ Lancaster was accustomed to through his performance and went contrary to the unwritten facets concerning what a heterosexual teenage boy is. This is evident by the fact that Lancaster was unsure of whether Guto was play-acting or not, proving that Lancaster saw the behaviour as too bizarre to consider as regular and ‘sexually ideal’ for a heterosexual teenager. What further confused Lancaster is that Guto’s family seemed to applaud and revel in behaviour that Lancaster deemed out-of-place, which, if Butler analyzed, would most likely deem to be supportive of the abject and going contrary to the ideal ‘sex’ subject. In conclusion, Guto’s performance was therefore a reiteration/practice against the regulatory ideals of ‘sex’ due to a heterosexual boy acting queer/transvestite, and also due to the family reacting to it in a way that suggests they were not at all concerned by possible exclusion of Guto as the ‘othe
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