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Homo Heidelbergensis, Neanderthalensis, Floresiensis

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Genevieve Dewar

Homo Heidelbergensis Neanderthalensis Floresiensis March2112105 PMMiddle Paleolithic Tool Types Multiregional v Out of Africa Increase to 63 tool types in the Mousterian Multiple models for how Erectus eventually Methods of creation becomes Humans Homo Antecessor Levallois technique MultiregionalMade up species thought to be h erectusin Europe Shift from core industry to a flakeblade industry Wolpoff et al noted similarities within regions Fits timeline to erectus but thinks that there was too much StepsIdea of multiple origins of homo sapiens time difference between the two Take core prepare core allowing for Maintained that there was gene flow 12mya 800kya standardization of flake removal particularly All archaics are capable of gene flow between Geography in thickness groups Primarily in Spain Erectus in Asia Ergaster in Africa Tortoise shell preparation involving Criticized for traits only that fit his model Regional Species Variation 600200kyacleaning edges and tops to make it defined Mungo Man 40kya had mDNA from a lineage Almost all of old world been colonizedon both sides with no descendants Middle Pleistocene 780128kya Hard hammer percussion striking parallel to Trinkhaus suggested that Neanderthal traits Species the core sideways instead of down were passed to Europeans Antecessor Results in a thinner controlled flake If there is only one source of H sapiensthere Europe Most of the time the flake with have would be a genetic bottleneckAtapuerca region of Spain Gran Dolina negative scars on the outside OOAMuch of specimens are limited inferrance of Trying to produce a convergent point African eve study study to show lineages and morphology Explanations of variability in material tool type etc population movement 12mya 800kya Bordes Cultural and stylistic differences Link to lineage 1 in Africa which then Hallmarks of AMH and Neanderthal traits Binford Functional differences spread in different ways Occipital bun not a longlow vault with Harold Dibble Potentially a bit of bothFossil evidence to corroborate this saggital keel Different stages of tool useGenetics humans are more similar to each Lower forehead more humanlike trait Neanderthal Behaviour other than the neanderthals Looks like ergaster but with a bun and wrong Hunting No interbreeding with other archaic humans time and location for ergaster Umm elTlelm SyriaKrings et al 19971000cc Donkey with Levallois point imbedded in One specimen only mDNA 18m tall vertebra Out of variability range based on common More postcranial remains as opposed to Combe Grenal France ancestor at 300800kya cranial remains Hunting of reindeer possibly horse and Compared modern sample African to Robust male 200lb bovides Neanderthal Europe Sima Del Elefante Cutmarks on the meatiest bones high utility Africans did not interbreed with Neanderthals Site discovered in 2008 index Behaviour Wooden Spears Neanderthals AcheulianClacton on the Sea UK 350kya Northern Europe some in Middle East Around on planet for at least 1my Home Bases Originally considered to be two types of untouchedIdea of central home place to stay where elderly neanderthals but they chronologically overlap Cannibalism young etc were being cared for 13030kya Potentially 20kya in Gibralter
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