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Lecture 3

Week 3 Readings

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Donna Young

Week 3 Modern Cities in Ruins Gayan PrakashMumbai The Modern City in Ruins th July 26 2005 Monsoon hit Mumbai causing standstill in many neighbourhoodsThe flood evoked a primeval imageThe idea of a city under water is the stuff of mythsIdeas of Mumbai being turned into a worldclass city was literally run down the clogging drainsIt was an urban dystopia not a dream city but a nightmareThis dark sentiment also tapped into an existing discourse that portrayed the great city in ruinsLet us sit upon these chairs and tell sad stories of the death of cities he continues offering a melancholy invitation to mourn the demise of his beloved cityTo the elites the city appears under siege imperilled by spatial mutations and occupation by the uncivil masses a wasteland of broken modernist dreamsThe elites can no longer recognize Buenos Aires for it no longer conforms to the contours of the imagines city of the pastThe city is dead Urban theorists claim that the city no long
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