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Lecture 6

Week 6 Readings

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Donna Young

Week 6 October 13 2011Public Spaces Markets Miles Richardson BeingintheMarket versus BeinginthePlaza Material Culture and the Construction of Social Reality in Spanish AmericaAnthropologists experience the world as a thing fashioned as a matter of fictionAs a single unitary phenomenon beingintheworld means that for us to be we must have a world to be in o We cannot otherwise exist o Yet world is not an external thing existing apart from our actions and awaiting our entrance but it is dependent upon our being in o We create so that we may be in our creationsLooking at concrete places where Spanish Americans are in process of being market and the plazaMarket a factlike world is constructedPlaza a more aesthetic one emergesDifferentiating between the 2 places lies in the nature of material culture and its relationship to the process of world buildingAccording to Mead World building people response to objects on the basis of what those objects mean and that the meaning of those objects arises out of the negotiated experience of social interaction
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