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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 BLUE FONT

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Joyce Parga

Lecture 2 May.17.11 Blue Font SLIDE MATING SUCCESS VS. REPRODUCTIVE SUCCESS (RS): Mating success: # of copulations achieved Reproductive success (RS): number of viable offspring produced SLIDE SEX DIFFERENCES IN THE LIMITING FACTORS FOR REPRODUCTION: Male reproductive success is limited access to mates (the number of females he can inseminate) SLIDE SEX DIFFERENCES IN THE LIMITING FACTORS FOR REPRODUCTION 2: Female reproductive success is limited by access to food resources SLIDE SEX DIFFERENCES IN POTENTIAL REPRODUCTIVE RATES: Females limited by gestation and lactation Males only limited by # of successful fertilizations SLIDE SEX DIFFERENCES IN POTENTIAL REPRODUCTIVE RATES 2: Males can have hundreds of children across a lifetime Womens maximum possible RS is much more limited SLIDE SEX DIFFERENCES IN POTENTIAL REPRODUCTIVE VARIABLITITY: Males can show high reproductive skew *** o What does this mean? Some males sire MANY offspring. While others sire NONE Females dont have high reproductive skew SLIDE SEXUAL SELECTION: *** KNOW DEFINTION & 2 MAIN COMPONENTS SLIDE SEXUAL SELECTION- COMPONENTS: Intra-sexual selectionselection that results from competition between members of the same sex for mates o Male-male competition o Female-female competition (ie. Many males dying off in a group [seen in ruffed lemurs] but usually male-male competition)
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