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Genital Morphology

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Joyce Parga

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Announcements:FinalexamAugust23rd,7-10pm,MW160 GenitalMorphology July-17-12 1:06 PM Terms PenileMorphologyinPrimates - Widediversityofshapes,evenamongclosely relatedprimatespecies - Canhavedifferentsizes,shapes,appendages,etc. - - A-Eontheslidearealldifferentgalagospecies ○ Canusepenilemorphologyalonetotell galagospeciesapart - Hypotheses: ○ Lockand Keyhypothesis  Complexgenitaliaensuresthatdifferent speciesarepreventedfrominter- breeding Baculum or os penis Rhesusmacaquesfilm  Hypothesisrequiresthatmaleand - Boneinsidethepenisofsomeanimals - Macacamulatta - Pluralbacula - Maledispersalasamatingstrategy femalegenitaliashouldbestructurally complementarywithinaspecies - Manyprimatespecieshavethem - Femalematechoice  Onlyafewexamplesof'lockandkey' - Adaptivefunction ○ Choicefornovelmales ○ Mayprovidestructuralsupportduringcopulation  Functionininbreedingavoidance evidence-somespeciesofmacaque ○ Tendstobenearthedistalend,wherestructuralsupport - Consortships,increasedaffliativebehaviours havecomplementarystructuresofthe penisandvaginallumen mightbemostneeded - Sneakcopulationasamatingstrategy  Problems - Specieswithelongatedbaculatendtobethosehaving - Sexualsignals ○ Thelongestintromission ○ Hip-pushinvitationstomate □ Matingbetweendifferentprimate speciescanactuallyoccur ○ Maintenanceofintromissionafterejaculationhasoccurred - Largerelativetestessize □ Thestructuralcomplementary  Eg.The pair-sitofstump-tailedmacaques ○ Indicationofspermcompetition - IntheEocene,Adapids(similartomodern-daylemurs)hadan ○ Polygynandrousmatingsystem genitaliaisonlyfoundinafew extremelylongbacula - Femalesexualbehaviour species □ Othermechanismskeepspecies ○ Possibleindicationofprolongedintromissionsduring ○ Clutchingreaction(orgasm?) frominterbreeding copulation ○ Lipsmacking - Humanmaleslacka baculum,yetprolongedcopulationispossible ○ Lookingbackandmakingeyecontact  Vocalizations,olfactory cues,behaviours,etc.are becauseofincreasedvascularisationprovidingthestructuralrigidity withmales species-specific necessaryforcopulation  Strongsupportforthishypothesisis PenileSpines lacking ○ Genitalicrecognitionhypothesis - Madeofkeratin  Variantofthelockandkeyhypothesis - Adaptivefunction? ○ Mayhe
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