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ANTC23 L5 Sexual signals and copulatory behaviour Sexual signals – females: - Receptivity: a female’s willingness to allow a male to copulate - Proceptivity: female behaviour that functions to initiate and maintain sexual interaction with a male o Sexual solicitation o In female primates, often takes the form of a “sexual presentation” Sexual signals - male - Male common chimps and bonobos sometimes display a penile erection o Invitation to mate Estrus - A period of heightened sexual activity and receptivity exhibited by female mammals, usually around the time of ovulation (discharge of an ovum (egg) from the ovary) Periovulatory Period (POP) - Period of time during, immediately preceding, and immediately following ovulation - Anthropoid females can mate and show estrus behavior outside of POP Mating behavior - Different between anthropoids and prosimians - In anthropoids, mating is freed from hormonal control - In prosimians, reproduction is strongly controlled by hormones Mating behaviour: anthropoids - Non-conceptive mating o Female anthropoids can mate  When pregnant  When not ovulating Sexual skin – 2 types - “Sexual swellings” of Old World monkeys and apes - Facial coloration of some OW monkeys Sexual swellings - Estrogen-dependent swelling of skin around the vaginal area during the POP - Found in o Common chimps and bonobo o Macaques o Baboons Other primate species lack sexual swellings - Other species might have some minor peri-vaginal “pinkening” or none at all Hypotheses for sexual swellings - 1. Signals optimal time for mating (maximal fertility) - 2. “Reliable indicator” of quality hypothesis o Trait is seen as an honest indicator of a female’s quality - 3. Attract males from outside the group (long-range mate attraction) - 4. Stimulate male-male competition) by sexually exciting males) so that females can mate with the “best” male Copulatory calls – a type of vocalization - In some species, female and/or males will emit vocalizations during mating o Sometimes during co
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