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University of Toronto Scarborough
Donna Young

January 25 2012ANTC31Last week we looked at the basic structure of the ritual 1 Liminality 2 Aggregation 3 Separation The work of ritual according to gennep and turner was to produce social order While going through that stages we reproduce people in new position and in doing that you take on social responsibilities and obligations that reproduces social order whether it is egalitarian or hierarchicalThis week Does the ritual of taking attendance every week in this class impose a social orderRitual is as important as words or as dogma or as injunction Ritual in some ways accomplishes behaviour in really a quick way It does the action that all the preaching in the world cannot accomplishWhat sort of order is it Because when ritual produces social order it is not always the same one It is hierarchical When you think about it teaching and religious orders grew out of medieval times In medieval times both religious and teaching orders assume hierarchy It is either a priestly hierarchy or university one based on knowledge So the ritual that developed in that period lends themselves to producing respect to social authorityDoes this whole process produce you some sort of communitas Pro likes to believe that in a classroom students who are all treated the same will develop amongst themselves the sense of comradely This is a form of communitas This is what should take place in an effective classOne somebody breaks the order it threatens the entire communities These are things ritual often try to heal so that you can return to the normcommunity Ritual as symbolic action What do we mean when we talk about symbols o It is something that represents something else by association either through resemblance or conventionso Certain analogies or resenblances work because there is a very real resemblance or it is socially acceptable so there is conventionsEg in science we use analogies to compare something that doesnt look alike When science tried to understand heart and how it works in our body Medicine took a big leap forward later on So you can look at trains piston and how it works and once you have that you can say that heart resembles that as it works the way piston works Once you have that analogy in play you can understand heart differently In ritual it sort of works more through conventions however
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