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Donna Young

ANTC31stFebruary 1 2012 Rappaport article especially goes well with the article by Tambaya on analogical thought The reason they both work so well is because they both are influenced by the theories of linguistic They both are influenced by Austinwho wrote a provocative book called doing things with wordsHe called these words speech acts In other words they are Proformatives acts Illiicutionary actsHe argues that particular forms of speech are especially used in rituals This is what both TamBaya and Rappaport arguePerformatives are really important in rituals recorded There are other ways of speech that are also importantLocutionary ActAssertionDescriptive statement of fact that can be proved either true of falseAssertion have a referential sense o It is a language of science in some ways They are found in ritual but are not that important to ritual Illocutionary actsThey are more performativeIt is a question of judgement that dictates how well it wento Was it a happy or an unhappy act o Eg telling somebody that you are not welcome is an unhappy act The thing with this act that you are checking if they are filicides or illifidiso Did I perform the ritual properly or not o It is the question of doing properly or improperlyEg roman catholic and a lay person came in and help the communiumThats not a happy actPerlocutionaryThreats persuasion argumentYou imagine somebody who is persuading you to believe who is raging at you as a sinner You cant prove them right or wrong but you try to influence someone It makes more sense to examine rituals in terms of language theory It is a different register that you are looking at this is why analogy in metaphor simile references etc Convention is also important is ritual Conventions depend of illocutionary words that accomplish something They have to be done with precision custom and properlyRappaportInfluenced by Durkheim
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