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Chris Krupa

ANTC32 – W10 1. Experience – semiotic/discursive reality 2. Meaning - practical reality - Gender, race, nation, community relation… - Systems of meanings, such as gender system that organizes this thing to masculine and feminine - Attributing meanings into a matter so that matter exists organically to convey these meanings - It creates hierarchy, like female and male bodies, classifying women’s work and men’s work, and characterizes space such as private/public domain. All these things exist apart from these objects. - Aretxaga says why we cannot directly experience – because we are structured by the systems of meaning that categorize us in certain ways. Her examples of trying to figure out what they are. Reading of people as bearers of science – what do they mean by trying to read the clues that they express? She also shows the state power – state offers women work, under women’s work such as motherhood. - This is what Sayer and Corrigan talked about in terms of Moral regulation – the norms and values that make people get by. - Politics is any more or less conscious or more or less intervention into the shape of reality, or the condition of the possible. They might be transformative. - We are wrong to think of experience dimension of reality. There are fully authentic mode of being in the world. - Second level of reality o Organized as a linguistic system – how linguists understand language by system of science (Clarifies semiotic) o Direct experience – as mothers. What it means to be a woman today. - Acting in conservative ways as mothers, Aret says this is process iteration – political shift to change them. This entirely transgress the model of meaning. - Politics become something different then – just get British out of NI – it becomes struggle of definition of reality of meaning. Struggle to change the reality. You are still operating in a semiotic structure way of reality – has kind of become feminist action. Feminism is not just about gender, this is exposé of organization, in which what it means to be a certain thing at certain time is completely arbitrary. Idea of sign has 2 components - Signifier - Signified o Concept or idea that is within the concept of signifier o Cat: The word Cat and the picture of cat that relates it, but by invention we associate that object with the word Cat. o Pet: there is a lot more to what is signified to signified – it signifies pet, animal, mock of kinship, compassion, care, etc. All these signified by the word Pet. o We have words and language to indicate cat without having to bring a cat TA lectures: - Her analysis can be read to rebuttal to this statement o This level of meaning – actually have great deal of significance. The point is how cooking meals vs. guarding facilities does matter o Her peper is analytic, not ethnographic – in this sense, this is a good counterpoint to  Gender can be mobilized in related to Aret’s project, but more clear because this is not muddled by this experience happening on ground. We can focus more directly on that meaning - Barker’s starting point has to do with the film o South Asian migrant workers are filling service positions in US military. This is not elaborated in the film but - Significant and represents underrepresented global reproductive labour - Gender symbolic reinforce both neoliberal privatization of military forces and neolib of US foreign policy Essay tip: - How to do readings in relation to each other by contrasting the arguments as well as how different scholars framed the questions and what is assumed and osculated. Avant - Descriptive analysis – background info for PCS - Global market that shift power o Pays attention to manifestation of power - Category of logistic support o Within this there is private security companies that offer all these services - She talks about general blending
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