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ANTC32 W8 Shattering island - Price paid by Irish to get the state order - Followed the great division of the country - On page 15, in a strange way nationalism provokes all kinds of myths and national brotherhood o We all belong here and the image of fraternity - Nationalism is not fraternity but is mythical kinship of imagined community. Here it is fractured – brother killing brother - This is the sovereign state but in territorial fragmentation. - Precarious identity that remains in the same status - Suppression of other internal Ireland - Massive ways of violence Out-migration of wealthy catholicity - Solidity of identity is not formed before. When you are pushed into one side then you were resolutely being one or the other teams and that meant a strong thing. Hardening of identity comes from violence itself - We see beginnings of laws such as Special powers act (giving power of police what to do) - State of exception o When it says there is no law other than what we can impose. Basically abandoned all rights and freedoms to get all the situations under control o When violence is out of hand, then we would imprison certain individuals o Scholars said that this is not exception of how state behaves. It indicates that only it can violate it because they are the only ones to make that law - In 1940s several economic crisis where industries that were supporting them that mainly hit the catholic. Things that were depending on the war closed after the war. Living as a catholic in Belfast was harder and harder - 19160’s o civil rights movement that emerged in northern Ireland o Bloody Sunday - Hunger strike – when the person reaches their end, another person begins. What caused the civil movement? - College students that come out of education that expect to get the job that is promised but there are conditions that limit their economic power - The formation of educated mass of people – no matter what you do the school is designed for you to get good grades - Then you can imagine where certain people say “what is going on?” - What else is going on in the world that is going on? o In the US – the civil rights movement o Protests going on o Certain success o If not success, emblem of leaders speaking out o Catholics and Ireland  Black population in US say they are profounded segregated  Speaking universal rights language but denied the basic language o Other countries where structural inequality where they provided strong movement - It was not so much who but it was the relationship around the world where subordinate places ask questions and produce models, become intellectual - British government wishes to restructure housing - It is exactly the same thing - If you have 20 catholics that is one vote. If those houses are excluded, how does the vote and the representation go? - Before picking up the story, lets look at theoretical and conceptual paradigm that Aretxaga gives us of making political agency o What becomes her big ideas in political subjectivity and notions of experience o Pulling gender in o She tells us that she is interested in political agency o Capacity of people to become the historical subjects delieberatly intervening in the making and changing of the worlds o She sayd that this capacity to be polticial agentive does not come from out of the blue. o How do people become certain types of subjects? o How they decide to take action is images and symbols and structure of thinking and feeling and what is possible in the current order o What are those collective modes of thought o What symbols can we use to twist these things a little bit o Intervening the production and modes of thinking o Part of how dominance works - We need to pay attention to culture o Collective imaginer o Part of political struggle in any situation is a shift in reality through shifting meanings o Our iamge of how we struggle and whats wrong wit the world and how we can change is and how we come to that is that the strcutre with the reality o What shpaes next generation, collective symbols o What is real n what can become real and changing what is the basis of reality - How does this become motive identity in life o How can we twist it and make into certain subjects? - How political subjects come to be formed - Effects in subjectivity and she will say gendered universe - Part of what she really wants to say is what roel does gender play, in how dominance and resistance works? What are key symbols? Work thru by twisting? o How are women in N. Ireland, form politically active? o What it means to be women o This question has to be asked in certain way o Women as subject, being capable of producing lexicon, symbols, image,s words can only speak through language that excludes them o Through gaps that is suppressed in dominant male prepresenation o This is methodology that says that this is a gendered field that tells you what it means to be a woman – in relationship to what it is likely to men o Women is subordinate because this is patricarchal o However those postion of inferiority provides resources to shift in ways as women but as politically active wome ntaht they can change in different ways. - Then how do women come to realize and push against what it means to be a woman in this field? o 2 ways o iteration  play on language – which can be said and iterated  grammer to say things  there are certain codes we can have  how do women iterate and reproduce the codes  can slide and provide new meanings  womens ability to inhibit the category women but politicize what it means t
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