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Chris Krupa

ANTC32 W9 - Last class we were trying to see how people form politically. - Why it matters to engage in political ways - Her study is focused on the location of the person. How politics is gendered - How actual women come to engage with politics by adopting modes of political action given by that category and changing not only that categories in relation to politics but also how politics is configured in thought entirely. How it is complex to gender and we can develop methodology and how it is changed through gendering. - Part of methodology says if we are looking at category as gender we need to know how this is constituted and how actual living of women is inhabited. He focused on where she said that we need to pay attention in thinking about womens political practice to what she calls the Cultural Repository of largely conscious images in thinking and feeling. We structure who is who and what is possible. It shapes kinds of thinks how we identify things and how we engage with political field. We come into political field already constructed. As a woman, man, raced person, as youth this is what it means to engage with politics. That is premise of their study - She says that is not absolute. Part of politics is how it changes and modifies its nature. She gives us 2 steps and essence - Related to LS: constitution of political formation. Exchange of women how it was so naturally talked about as being about exchange of things like women. Very naturalized to describe women as objects. That is kind of dominant representation that shapes who acts dominantly and how. - She says N. Ireland was one of that. Lets say indigenous or Black people in certain places and times and historical issues. Time and place are important. The IRA to formation of Irish army certain things that are not ideal citizen said because of that we will shift entire shift of politics and act obut what it is really like to be minority and oppressed in certain countries. - Her chronology of political action - 2 ways of thinking about it o Iteration o Transgression - They fuse thinking about actions in the world with thinking of discursive categorical ordering. Iteration - Linguistic metaphor. May be spoken and iterated. The grammatical structure of speech. The langue as model that is it is sayable and that language is doable. Grammatical speech of political playing field. How we talk about in thinking of women - In early days chronologically tracing how irish women there is adoption of the categories that are open to women and what ist is meant to be open to women. In fact women inhabited those categories. That is how their actions of politics occurred.- What are the units and speech of that playing field? - Thinking about women o Early days roughly ideal chronological tracing o There was an adoption of the categories that are open to women and what were open to women at the time o Women inhabited in those categories - Talked a bit about that and how it expressed the gender norms about imagining a gender norms - How would you characterize dominant political ways of what it meant to be women? What women were imagined and valued as: o Women is mother What does this mean as relation to politics? Assumption of apolitical Direct link to imaginary of relation there was certain link between image of the mother and image of the nation (N. Ireland) the nation that doesnt have its own state and is colonized. - That link: Suffering as a category o Important because this is something that people do. o How is expression suffering some link between woman as mother and image of nation? Historical time when women were passive and flow of historical times when they witness suffering of women Witnessing future struggle coming
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